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Purchase guide

1. Click “Login” in the upper right corner of the screen to register for purchases on the Hungary Coupon Website.

Click “Registration” if you do not have an account yet but want to create one. The discount codes are available only for registered customers once they are logged in. The discount codes cannot be validated by guest customers.

2. Coupon codes can be validated in the field on the left.

3. Select the products or services you wish to purchase and use “To basket” to place them into the basket. You can subsequently manage and delete the number of selected items by clicking on the “Basket” link.

4. You can view your basket content any time by clicking on the “Basket” link.

5. The “Basket” link allows you to check the products/services you have placed in the basket, delete them or modify their quantity. Once you have finalised the quantity, selected the payment method and verified the total amount, you can finalise your order by clicking “Pay”.

6. You should check the accuracy of the data shown under the “Basket” link. Your data will be always treated confidentially. You should pay attention to the accuracy of the data if the customer’s address differs from the invoice address. You must give your phone number in order to help any clarification of your order details or the smooth takeover of your tickets in person.

7. As the Website offers bank card payment, you should click “Pay” for our system to transmit the relevant data to CIB Bank’s online platform.

8. You will be sent an email notification of the order. The purchased tickets will also be sent to you online for subsequent downloading or printing, if applicable. Your orders will be shown in your own account created on the Website.

Payment information

The Hungary Coupon website (hereinafter: Website) offers its customers a safe bank card payment solution provided by CIB Bank. Safety is ensured through data separation. Accordingly, our Website receives only order-related information from the customer, while CIB Bank is given access only to the card data required for completing the payment transaction on the payment site safeguarded with 128-bit SSL encryption. Only CIB Bank will have access to the data content of the payment site but such data content will be unavailable for the Website. After payment, the Website will inform you about the transaction result. For the purpose of card payment, your browser must support SSL encryption. The amount paid (i.e. as consideration for the purchased service) will be promptly blocked on your card account. Please find more details under menu item “FAQ regarding online card payment”.