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Ecseri Vintage Market Tour + PickUp Service

  • Duration (4 hours)
  • Pick-up point (Hotel)
Title Descriptions
Ecseri Road Flea Market Tour (People x 1)
Date *
69,00 €
Ecseri Road Flea Market Tour (People x 2)
Date *
79,00 €
Ecseri Road Flea Market tour (People x 3)
Date *
89,00 €

Full descripton

The Ecseri Road Flea Market is Budapest’s largest second-hand market, where the whole world is for sale. It is a fascinating, constantly-buzzing place where there is a long story behind every item on sale. It is open every day of the week, but activity reaches a peak on Saturday and Sunday. The atmosphere is comparable to Portobello Road in London or the Paris flea market. As well as occasional stallholders, some major inner-city antique traders are present on the market, and precious antiques sometimes appear among the bric-a-brac. There are no price tags, just wishes, and if you are serious about buying, you have to bargain. Nearly the whole area is covered by canopies, so that rain is no obstacle to a visit. There are also food stalls selling typical Hungarian dishes.


  • Photography is allowed on the market, but bear in mind that not everybody is pleased to be photographed
  • Payment is by cash only

The tour price includes

  • Coffee or refreshment
  • Lángos (traditional fried bread, like a doughnut)

Meeting point

  • Hotel or Deak Square
  • 06:00 AM
  • Only Saturday!


1194 Budapest, Nagykőrösi út 16.

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